TMHRA Awards

The 2023 Professional Awards Program will close on April 7, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

2023 will mark the 14th year of TMHRA’s Professional Awards Program which recognizes and honors outstanding individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to municipal human resources in Texas. Nominations will only be accepted via the on-line nomination form and submitted with a one-page narrative. LEARN MORE

This year’s nominations will be organized into two categories dependent on the nominees City population size, 25,000 and under, and 25,000 plus.  Four awards for each population category, and one Lifetime Achievement will be awarded.

TMHRA Membership Directory

Features of the Directory

Members may access their directory by typing into the login screen their TML login name and password. Be sure to keep your email address and other contact information current in the TML database so the TML staff may assist you if you have a login problem.

  • Password protected
  • Searchable by name, region, population, city, title, or membership classification,
  • Information is updated weekly
  • Contains live email addresses of members
  • Contains information about your association’s members only.
  • City information is contained in the online TML directory.

Using Your Directory

  • Clicking on the underlined name of a member brings up a screen that duplicates information in previous printed membership directories.
  • You may leave the first name or last name field blank to search on a name; however, if you want to further narrow your search by using a wildcard, use % instead of an *. For example, you might type in “John” as a first name and “Sm%” as the last name to get a list of all the John Sm…s in the directory.
  • To select/highlight several cities, etc., in a row on one of the lists, click and hold down your mouse or hold down the shift key and click at the beginning and end of your selection.
  • To highlight multiple selections that are not contiguous, hold down your control key and click on each item.
  • Mac users: use your command features.
  • You may print the results of your search; however, the database itself is not downloadable. If this directory does not give the selections or information you require, you may wish to contact TML to explore purchasing options.

Questions About Directory

If you have questions about this directory or its use, please click here to contact TML’s IT Department. (Or phone 512-231-7400; passwords to other areas of TMHRA’s web site are only given out by email to TMHRA members. IF you are a TMHRA member and need a password for the other password-protected areas, email that request here.)

TMHRA Query Connections

TMHRA Query Connection (TMHRA QC) is the first and last stop to help TMHRA members create and maintain outstanding Quality Control within their organizations by sharing knowledge and resources while making connections all across Texas. When you become a member of TMHRA, you will be added to the QC, no need to sign up. LEARN MORE

TMHRA Toolkit

This sample employee handbook is a practical tool designed to assist you in implementing an employee handbook or alternatively, reviewing your current employee handbook for possible revisions/updates. This handbook is for informational purposes only, and not a legal opinion.  Please contact your city attorney if you have any questions regarding your situation. LEARN MORE

TML Career Center

Need help with the Career Center?
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TML Employment Law Manual

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More Helpful Resources

If you know of other helpful resources that are not on the list, please submit links to