President’s Message

Human Resource leaders and professionals in local government have tremendous opportunity, demands and challenges to strategically address and impact our agency’s operations, mission, sustainability and bottom line.  We are challenged to keep pace with ever evolving technology, workforce demands, retention efforts, and to strategically align our business practices with the city’s mission and culture. These are routine in our business, but the pace is increasing tenfold.  Amongst these routine challenges, we then have devastating natural disasters, political unrest, and targeted acts of violence against our police forces (to name a few) that have thrust an entire new dimension upon us in our daily roles.   The great thing is….through all of this, I see our membership rising up, showing compassion, courage and strength through tremendous and unimaginable circumstances, to continue to lead, redevelop and restart.  This is truly what makes what we do GREAT and each of you the heart of the organization.

Our profession and our members are strong.  For that reason, I am proud to serve as your TMHRA President.  TMHRA continues to remain the premier organization for municipal professionals who manage the Human Resources functions in their organization.  My hope over the next twelve months, in partnership with all the Board members, is to to grow our membership and reach those not yet connected, to focus on our strategic plan, offer exceptional programming, arm you with resources to excel in your role, and to foster collaboration and networking with Human Resources experts, peers, and vendors across Texas that can help you find ways to work smarter, not harder.

Our Board cannot do this alone.  We need you, as members, to get connected, actively engaged and to reach out to a Board member for service on one of our many standing committees. There are so many opportunities to serve and to make a difference, that I hope you reach out and make those connections.  Our TMHRA Board is at your service and available to share insight or wisdom on anything needed.   Great members lead to a great Board and allows us continual progression, advancement and development.  Each of you can make a difference!  Thank you for all you do to make our profession, this Association and your city proud.

Lisa Norris
TMHRA President