President’s Message

January 26, 2022

I am so excited for what this year will bring for TMHRA members as we continue to share information and experiences and connect on both professional and personal levels. Below you will find initiatives I have established for the TMHRA Board this coming year. Expect to receive updates on these matters via our website and TMHRA QC Mail. Please also allow me to take the time to encourage you to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn if you haven’t already done so.


Value Proposition and Visual Re-Branding of TMHRA
Value Proposition – We will work to actively share what you will receive back as a benefit from the investment (of yourself) into TMHRA.

Visual Re-Branding of TMHRA – To be the first resource for Texas municipal human resources professionals, we want to ensure that we present ourselves as an attractive and informative association that actively and openly shares and connects.

Because we continue to add new members to TMHRA and those who are new to municipal human resources, we will strive to foster connections between those who have years of relevant municipal human resources experience and those who may just be starting. Also, there will be opportunities for others with municipal experience in a smaller or larger city environment who need guidance and advice from those who have been there.

Board Development
As your TMHRA Board, we want to ensure that we stay at the forefront of information, opportunities, and issues impacting our profession so we can better and more effectively share with you. In addition, we are building a leadership pipeline for future board members. To this end, if you are interested in serving on a committee, get in touch with me at [email protected].

Historical Data/Consistency
TMHRA has been around for a few decades now, and we want to make sure while we strive to lead and excel in the 21stcentury, we can recall and reconnect with where we came from by maintaining pertinent historical policy, procedural, and legislative information.

Continued Resiliency of Human Resources 
As we continue navigating through daily opportunities presented in our organizations, we need to remember that what we offer goes beyond our professional experience and includes personal investments of self. So, as you invest yourself, please remember that you are not alone. We should not forget that we can reach out to each other when we need help and advice, but we can also be proactive in connecting with others to see how we can share our experiences to strengthen them.

Resiliency is a word used to describe something strong, hearty, and irrepressible. Together, this is who we have been, are, and will continue to be.

Thank you for serving beyond self and investing with others who share a passion for our chosen profession as our Texas Municipal Human Resources Association members.

Shanté R. Akafia
TMHRA President