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Bob Treacy, LHIC,  Public Sector Practice

Joshua Smith, SPHR, CSSBB, IPMA-CP
Morgan Young, Vice President, Client Services

Bettye Lynn, Partner
Frey Craig, Marketing Coordinator




Louie Heerwegen, Sales Vice President

Michelle Ardoin, OTR

Tammy Townsend, Marketing Analyst

Michael Hurwitz, President/Co-Founder

Jay Nwamadi, Regional Vice President, Government & Education

Kenna Puckett, Marketing Campaign Manager

Kathryn Carrère, Marketing Director

Donna B. Navarro

Erik Templin, Senior Vice President

Jennifer PerryRegional Manager, South Central

Brent Weegar, Principal

Riley Harvil, Vice-President

Jennifer Sowle

Texas Safety Council

Lisa Robinson, Senior Program Manager

Mandy Collett

Lisset Zepeda, Sr. Marketing Communications Coordinator

Matthew Weatherly, President


Ron Hollifield, CEO


Rhonda Tilson, Marketing Manager

David Rodriguez, Senior Regional Manager City Services

Sumi Smith, Senior Administrator, Sales & Marketing Leadership Team

Bruce Ure, Principal