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E-Solutions List Serv

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Group Guidelines

  1. Posts to this list are the opinions of the individuals making the post, not TMHRA.
  2. Do not forward any information gathered from this list unless you have received permission from the author(s). This includes referrals to vendors.
  3. Be careful about attachments that may contain viruses.
  4. Stay on topic. Replies to a question posted to the group should benefit the entire group —and will be seen by the entire group. If you want your reply to be seen by only one person, email that person directly.
  5. Always fill in the subject line. This information helps readers find specific messages.
  6. Do not post a file over 500kb. Provide a link to the file or allow members to request it individually.
  7. Members from the private sector, please refrain from soliciting through this service.

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