TMHRA Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Members of the Texas Municipal Human Resources Association (TMHRA) believe in conducting business in
accordance with uncompromising ethical standards. As a condition of membership in TMHRA, each member
pledges support of, and adherence to, the principles set forth in this Code of Ethics document. TMHRA
members acknowledge that such compliance is in the best interests of fellow members, the Human Resources
profession, the community, business partners and municipal employees in order to merit respect, trust, and
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Updated 01 May 2020


 TMHRA members will recognize and be accountable for official responsibilities in the public sector by being sensitive and responsive to the rights and evolving needs of the public and adhering to the following principles:

  • Exhibit loyalty and trust in the interests of municipalities we serve and the TMHRA.
  • Respect the rights, responsibilities, and integrity of colleagues and other public officials.
  • Choose not to seek or accept personal gain that would influence, or appear to influence, the conduct of official duties.
  • Exercise integrity in the management of finances and resources entrusted to us.
  • Abide by approved professional practices, recommended standards, laws and regulations. Report violations of law to the appropriate authorities.
  • Choose not to engage in matters that would bring discredit to our roles as public officials, municipalities,  public service or TMHRA and act with integrity in all professional relationships.
  • Encourage municipalities to provide impartial and equitable treatment to all employees and the public.
  • Stay informed of pending state and federal legislation and advocate for the best interests of municipalities during legislative sessions.
  • Exhibit sensitivity and responsiveness to inquiries from the public and the media, within the framework of federal, state or local government policy.


TMHRA members must exhibit ethical leadership through high professional standards and ethical conduct, and be an example for others within the public sector by adhering to the following:

  • Demonstrate genuine efforts to achieve goals benefiting the best interests of others and do not allow personal interests to interfere with actions.
  • Show respect to all by listening attentively, valuing contributions, demonstrating compassion and generosity while considering opposing viewpoints.
  • Hold yourself and others accountable for high ethical standards, values and expectations.
  • Do the right thing at all times and expect others to do the right thing at all times. Choose not to overlook or tolerate ethical violations.
  • Convey facts transparently, no matter how unpopular the information may be.
  • Represent and report information in an impartial manner and protect privileged information to which we have access by virtue of our position.
  • Conduct all business in a way which provides fair, consistent and equitable treatment for all.
  • Manage all Human Resource matters within the scope of our authority, so that impartiality and internal controls govern decisions.
  • Thoroughly investigate the accuracy, source and appropriateness of information before making employment related decisions.
  • Promote equal employment opportunities and oppose any discrimination, harassment or other unfair practices.
  • Refrain from knowingly being a party to or condoning any illegal, unethical or immoral activity.


TMHRA members are responsible for continual professional development in order to enhance skills, and provide support to those seeking to enter the field of public sector Human Resources. Human Resources professionals will promote excellence in public service in the following ways:

  • Participate in TMHRA educational opportunities, events and conferences.
  • Stay informed of changes to laws, regulations and Human Resources trends.
  • Take initiative to seek methods to enhance Human Resources and public sector knowledge.
  • Encourage and participate in research to develop and advance new and improved leadership methods, skills and practices, sharing the results with others.
  • Support the development of others in the profession through teaching and mentoring.
  • Communicate professional development opportunities to TMHRA members, prospective members, local colleges and universities and those seeking to enter the field of public sector Human Resources.
  • Support fellow TMHRA members by promoting the TMHRA annual awards program and encouraging submission of nominations.


TMHRA members seek to establish and maintain valuable relationships through staying connected, sharing information, participating in Association events, and building relationships. Compassionate connection and service is delivered through the following mechanisms:

  • Treat people with dignity, respect, and compassion to foster trusting relationships.
  • Initiate and participate in networking opportunities such as round table meetings and other events to make connections with Human Resources professionals in the same region and across the state.
  • Take initiative to engage with new members and assist in ensuring new members are aware of engagement opportunities.
  • Share the benefits of TMHRA membership to prospective members.
  • Encourage and support fellow members in all aspects of Human Resources and work-life balance.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion and refrain from allowing religion, nationality, race, sex, age, politics, social standing, or other differences influence decisions and professional activities.


TMHRA members must maintain a high level of trust and creditability with our stakeholders and act with honor, integrity, and virtue in all professional relationships.  We must protect the interests of our stakeholders as well as our professional integrity and should not engage in activities that create actual, perceived, or potential conflicts of interest which impact credibility and trust.

  • Consistently follow through with commitments and responsibilities. Be realistic about your limitations and do not make commitments you can not fulfill.
  • Suspend judgment, believe in the best of intentions of others and readily extend trust.
  • Practice self-awareness, be mindful of perceptions of favoritism, and make adjustments based on self-awareness observations.
  • Demonstrate accountability by owning mistakes, apologizing and correcting the mistake.
  • Before sharing information, which could be perceived as gossip, ensure it is accurate, truthful and beneficial.
  • Refrain from giving or seeking preferential treatment in Human Resources processes.
  • Effectively communicate with tact and honesty, in ways which are useful and supportive and do not avoid the truth.
  • Respond to inquiries / survey requests from other Human Resources professionals.
  • Prioritize obligations to identify potential or perceived conflicts of interest. When potential or perceived conflicts arise, disclose them to relevant stakeholders.
  • Avoid activities that are in conflict or may appear to be in conflict with any of the provisions of this Code of Ethics.

TMHRA members are encouraged to report of any violation to this Code of Ethics that he or she may be witness of, or a victim of from another member. Such report may be made either verbally or in writing to the current President of the Board.