Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022 (Adopted January 28, 2020)

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Mission Statement
The TMHRA Board identified four themes to their purpose that became the nucleus of their mission statement: Connections, Professional Development, Sharing Knowledge, and Compassion to Serve.

The TMHRA mission is to… grow and enhance the professional development of our dedicated and compassionate members through effective knowledge sharing and relationship building.

Strategies and Goals
The TMHRA Board identified and built consensus on Strategies and Goals that responded to three of the four themes from the mission building session. The Board discussed how “Compassion to Serve” spoke to how they believed they should serve their members and other stakeholders not what they needed to do to accomplish its mission. Therefore, the Board did not pursue a Strategy for the “Compassion to Serve” theme, because the intention is for all strategies to encompass “Compassion to Serve.”

Following this discussion, the Board set about developing distinct Strategies with Specific goals:

Strategy 1 (Connections). Provide mediums for building and maintaining valuable relationships

Goal 1.1.         Provide opportunities for virtual relationship building

Goal 1.2.         Provide opportunities for face-to-face connections

Strategy 2 (Professional Development). Provide professional development and leadership to grow and enhance the profession of human resources.

Goal 2.1.         Communicate professional development opportunities

Goal 2.2.         Review and broaden awards program to the mission of TMHRA

Goal 2.3.         Create professional development avenue for career changes

Strategy 3 (Sharing Knowledge). Provide current resources specific to Texas municipalities and other stakeholders.

Goal 3.1.         Continue to provide avenues and resources for members to gain and share knowledge