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November 8 2007

September 12, 2007

May 16, 2007

May 15, 2007

February 6, 2007

January 10, 2007

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November 8, 2007
Dallas Convention Center
Meeting Room D160 (Level 1)

President George Mones called the TMHRA business meeting to order on November 8, 2007, at the TML 95TH Annual Conference and Exhibition Affiliate Session, at the Dallas Convention Center. Twelve TMHRA members and a couple of visitors were present.

George welcomed the attendees and gave a recap of the association’s accomplishments and activities over the past year. He specifically mentioned the TMHRA/IPMA Southern Region Conference that we hosted in Galveston in May. This conference was very successful and set the standard for future regional conferences. Also during his term as president, George reported that TMHRA members voted to end our status as a chapter of IPMA-HR. He noted that, since our constitution was amended when we became an IPMA-HR chapter, the board of directors would be recommending an amendment effecting the change to the membership for vote. Noteworthy were the record-setting attendances at the TMHRA-sponsored conferences and workshops this past year and the establishment of the TMHRA list serve, which has been used significantly among our membership.

It was noted that recognition of board members service during George’s tenure was held at the TMHRA’s Employment Law Seminar in September. Those board members present at Affiliate Day were recognized and thanked for their dedication and service.

The results of the board of directors election was announced and new officers and trustees were introduced.

Presiding at this business meeting being his last official duty as President, George introduced Laura Morrow as the TMHRA President for 2007-2008, and relinquished the floor to her.

Laura outlined her goals and vision for the coming year. She expressed a desire for TMHRA to get more involved and be proactive in legislative actions. In discussing the workshop and conference schedule for 2007-2008, Laura noted that there is a need for a speaker on Wellness at the Mid-Year Conference at South Padre Island in May 2008.

In other business, Jim Parrish, the TMHRA Liaison to TMRS, gave an update on the latest developments at TMRS. He urged those present to attend the TMRS Concurrent Session. He also suggested that a coalition be formed and maybe schedule a meeting in the Metroplex. As our liaison, Jim will be attending TMRS Board meetings and keep the membership informed.

Laura recognized George for his outstanding service as President over the past year.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

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Texas Municipal Human Resources Association (TMHRA/IPMA-HR)
Board Meeting
September 12, 2007
Double Tree Campbell Center
Dallas, Texas

Members Present: George Mones Laura Morrow Melanie Caballero Lauren Safranek Debbie Maynor Bonita Hall Janie Mehrens Gayle Sims Richard Hodapp Members

Absent: Don Byrne, LaShon Ross

Also Present: Betty Bartley Kim Pendergraft

I. Approval of May 15, 2007 Board Minutes and Business Meeting Minutes. Laura Morrow suggested changing VII.B., to read “Lonne Parent-Smith said we ‘will have’ good attendance.” Melanie Caballero seconded. MOTION CARRIED Business Meeting Minutes. Richard Hodapp made the motion to accept the minutes. Laura Morrow seconded. MOTION CARRIED

II. New Member Applications. The Board discussed the applications stating that Alyssa Cumpton’s membership is pending the payment of the fee and that Sonja Havens’ membership should be active instead of associated. Laura Morrow made the motion to accept the membership nominations with the discussed changes. Janie Mehrens seconded. MOTION CARRIED

III Financial Report. Bonita Hall began the discussion of the financial report stating that even with the loss from the IPMA-HR/Mid-Year conference, the organization continues to make money. Janie Mehrens made the motion to accept the financial statement and Bonita Hall seconded. MOTION CARRIED

IV Committee Reports

A. Newsletter. Bonita Hall/George Mones reminded the members that Don Byrne made a request for someone to take notes during the employment law conference and to write something for the newsletter. Laura Morrow volunteered.

B. Programs. Debbie Maynor gave an overview of the employment law conference highlighting the change to the agenda, moving TMRS speaker Eric Henry to Friday. She went on to discuss the TML conference affiliates’ day agenda. She said Matthew Scott will speak in the afternoon and she’s still working on the morning session on meet and confer. The Board decided it was best for TMHRA to have its business meeting the morning of affiliates’ day. Richard Hodapp discussed the TxPELRA/Civil Service program stating the agenda and topic outline looks good. He stated we should have good attendance with the agenda and the location.

C. Sponsorships. Gayle Sims began by saying she sent out “thank you” letters to all of the sponsors. Jim Schaffer of Gabriel, Roder, Smith and Co. and Holmes Murphy wants to continue as sponsors/hosts next year. Laura Morrow said IPS wants to sponsor again and indicated they would assist in recruiting other sponsors. George Mones congratulated Gayle Sims and her committee on the good job and said it may be a good time to send out another letter asking the sponsors to begin planning for next year.

D. President’s Ad Hoc Committees

1. Technology. Janie Mehrens/Richard Hodapp discussed the status of the list serve currently provided by Yahoo services. It seems to be working well except for attachments. The group discussed options for the attachment issue. Richard Hodapp said he would be glad to continue to research a paid system. The question became whether we need someone to coordinate the list serve. Kim Pendergraft said there are guidelines to using the list serve. Richard stated he will send out the criteria to properly use the list serve to members. George Mones thought it would make a good article for the newsletter.

2. Legislative. George Mones asked Gayle Sims if she thought Phyllis Stadler is passing the baton to her. Gayle was not sure but indicated the amount of time involved every two years. When asked Gayle indicated she was not sure about taking the lead on the committee. Laura Morrow said she will follow-up with and get an answer from Phyllis. It was suggested that maybe a past president/retiree could head such a committee in the future.

3. New Members. There was discussion about the recommendations sent by LaShon Ross on the issue of redefining the levels of membership in TMHRA It has long been confusing making determinations regarding membership for applicants from very small cities that have multiple responsibilities as well as applicants from very large cities that have multiple people managing major areas of Human Resources.

a) Debbie Maynor made the motion to collapse Active and Associate levels so the definition from the current Associate level would be the new definition. The definition for Active membership would now read “Active members shall be municipal employees responsible for the provision of services related to human resources management. Active members shall be entitled to all benefits and privileges of the Association including eligibility to vote and hold office.” Richard Hodapp seconded. MOTION CARRIED

b) There was much discussion about Affiliate membership. Laura Morrow made the motion to leave the definition the same except to add the word “municipal” before public. The definition for Affiliate membership would now read “Affiliate members shall be persons employed in a college or university; any person interest in contributing to the Association who works in a human resources management position in other municipal/public entities such as counties, state agencies, and special authorities/districts; any person who has attained a position in a field of specialization qualifying them to contribute to the advancement of professional knowledge and practice in cooperation with the membership of the Association; or who primarily represents the interests of management in the public sector; or any person who shall have been a member of the Association in good standing, and who shall have resigned or been removed from his/her position with a city, and is in a position which would not qualify him/her to retain any other membership classification. Affiliate membership shall be entitled to all benefits and privileges of the Association except chairing committees, holding offices and voting. Richard Hodapp seconded. MOTION CARRIED

c) There was discussion again about Affiliate membership. Melanie Caballero made the motion that the definition include the word “retired.” The relevant sentence would now read in part, “..any person who shall have been a member of the Association in good standing, and who shall have resigned, retired, or have removed…” Janie Mehrens seconded. MOTION CARRIED

d) The Board discussed the Emeritus membership level. Debbie Maynor made the motion to replace the word “retired” with the word “separated.” The definition would now read in part “Emeritus members shall be persons who have separated from active employment in a municipal …” Janie Mehrens seconded. MOTION CARRIED

4. Salary Survey Committee. Richard Hodapp stated he met with a Waters representative with the Committee’s recommendations. Waters indicated they were already considering some of the recommendations. Waters went on to agree to be a part of next year’s mid-year conference providing a forum for member questions.

V. New/Old Business

A. Constitution. George Mones again stated the need to amend the Constitution in order to remove IPMA-HR references. Richard Hodapp made the motion to incorporate new definitions/elements into the Constitution. Lauren seconded. MOTION CARRIED

1. Article 4, section 4.1 phrasing is not clear. George said the preference is to NOT require TMHRA membership. Lauren Safranek made the motion to amend article 4, section 4.1 to add active or affiliate to the section. The section will now read in part “Membership …is available to person who are eligible for active or affiliate membership in the Association…” Richard Hodapp seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

2. Article 3, section 3.1. Debbie Maynor made the motion to remove the titles from article 3, section 3.1. It will not read “Membership in the Association shall be classified as Active, Associate or Affiliate.” Janie Mehrens seconded. MOTION CARRIED

3. Article 8, section 8.1 The Board discussed the number of meetings and when they should occur. Placed this item on hold until received further clarification from TML as to whether or not the Board may change the number, time and location of its meetings.

4. The Board discussed how the changes to the Constitution should be voted on by the membership (email, regular mail or during a business meeting). After much discussion Richard Hodapp made the motion to have the TMHRA membership vote on recommended changes using regular mail and to complete this process before the end of the calendar year 2007. Janie Mehrens seconded. MOTION CARRIED

5. Article 5, section 5.4(b), Article 6 section 6.1. The Board discussed the current length of service required before becoming an officer and whether there should be direct ascension from Secretary/Treasurer. Debbie Maynor made the motion to change the length of service required to run for officer from two (2) years to one (1) year for bother section 5.4(b) and 6.1 in the Constitution. Lauren Safranek seconded. MOTION CARRIED Article 5, section 5.4(a). Debbie Maynor made the motion to amend the requirement of automatic ascension for the Secretary/Treasurer to Vice-President and to make it so the Secretary/Treasurer serves two (2) years and the automatic ascension begins with Vice-President. Melanie Caballero seconded. MOTION CARRIED

B. IPMA Texas Chapter. Lauren Safranek led the discussion about a separate group starting up outside of TMHRA. Will encourage but not lead the effort.

C. Honorary Membership Question. The Board discussed a letter submitted by a retired former TMHRA member requesting two things, namely that the board consider the creation of something for Charlie Shapard and to consider “comping” retiree conferences. It was agreed that Laura Morrow would create a committee to develop an outstanding member award and name it after Charlie Shapard. George Mones led the discussion on “comping” retirees with the group outlining the pros and cons of such a decision.

D. TMRS. The Board discussed the notion of having a TMHRA member attend TMRS meetings and report back to the membership regarding decisions. Carolyn Liner, a long-standing member of TMHRA is on the TMRS board but it is believed additional monitoring is necessary. Melanie Caballero made the motion that the TMHRA President appoint a member to act as liaison to TMRS. Gayle Sims seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

E. Best Practices. This item was suggested by Lonne Parent-Smith so TMHRA may recognize the “best practices” of different member cities. Richard Hodapp said since the group is creating an award and naming it after Charlie Shapard, we can used the provided for criteria to set the elements of this award.

F. Other Items.

1. Melanie Caballero and Lauren Safranek led further discussion on the retiree issue asking that in the near future the board consider defining a “life member.”

2. Member Elect Tadd Philips said that other groups are in need of speakers to present on various HR topics. He asked if TMHRA helped those groups. That launched a discussion about the creation of a speakers’ bureau, maybe placing the names on the website, offering services to others. The group just wants to be careful not to appear to advocate one speaker over any others.

3. The Board also discussed general board philosophy regarding benefits and presenting those topics.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

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Texas Municipal Human Resources Association (TMHRA/IPMA-HR)
Business Meeting
May 16, 2007
Moody Gardens Hotel
Galveston, Texas

I. Introduction.

George Mones opened the meeting and thanked all present for their attendance.

II. 2007-2008 Nomination of Officers.

George Mones led the discussion of the candidates nominated for TMHRA Trustee and Officer. He read the slate of names. Bonita Hall made the motion to accept the slate of candidates and Lisa Norris seconded. MOTION CARRIED

III Financial Report.

Bonita Hall stated the organization is doing very well. George Mones identified the TxPelra/Due Stabilization line item that shows it encumbered so the amount is not as large as one might think. Bonita Hall went on to say that so far this year TMHRA is about $14,000 ahead of where it was last year but that several items were outstanding so the amount is not set.

IV. Upcoming TMHRA Events.

George Mones spoke of the upcoming employment law conference in Dallas and encouraged registration. He went on to say that TMHRA will have a training session during Affiliates day at the TML Annual Conference this year. The session will be designed to appeal to elected officials. He announced the NPELRA Academy training on June 13th/14th also in Dallas at the Radisson at Love Field.

V. Other Business/Closing Remarks

Presentation and discussion of recent IPMA-HR membership requirements. George Mones open the discussion by explaining the situation. He then introduced Oscar Jackson and Neil Reichenberg of IPMA-HR. Each gentleman made a brief statement and answered questions from the audience. There were many questions and comments on the subject of IPMA-HR’s plan for unification and their new Chapter guidelines. George Mones then reminded the members that we will be voting on-line in June and that additional material will be going out in the next newsletter.

Lauren Safranek made the motion to adjourn and Martha Butz seconded. MOTION CARRIED. Meeting adjourned at 4:43 p.m.

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Texas Municipal Human Resources Association (TMHRA/IPMA-HR)
Board Meeting
May 15, 2007
Moody Gardens Hotel
Galveston, Texas

Members Present:

George Mones
Bonita Hall
Melanie Caballero
Lauren Safranek
Debbie Maynor
Don Byrne
Janie Mehrens
Gayle Sims
LaShon Ross
Richard Hodapp

Members Absent:

Laura Morrow

Also Present:

Janet Melançon
Lonne Parent-Smith
John Philpott

I. Approval of February 6, 2007 Minutes. George Mones asked for any changes. Debbie Maynor indicated the group should change “mad” to “made” on page two, section C, number three. Jane Mehrens made the motion to accept the minutes as amended. Lauren Safranek seconded. MOTION CARRIED

II. New Member Applications. There was discussion about applicants, particularly the status of those applicants who are in an “interim” position with their cities when they apply for membership. It was determined that interim directors will be associate members until the final status of the position in question is determined. LaShon Ross made the motion to accept the applications as amended and Richard Hodapp seconded. MOTION CARRIED

III Financial Report. Bonita Hall began the discussion about the organization’s financial status and stated the numbers remain in good shape but that several expenses have yet to be included. Debbie Maynor made the motion to accept the financial report and Gayle Sims seconded. MOTION CARRIED

IV FY 2007-2008 Budget There was a great deal of discussion about next year’s budget. Lauren Safranek reminded the group the budget runs from July to June each year, coinciding with TML’s budget year. George Mones opened the conversation about the board doing something to make it more affordable for small cities to participate. It was decided to create a small cities committee to coordinate the efforts to better serve smaller cities. Bonita Hall said she would facilitate the committee. John Philpott said that he currently works with a small city advisory council and that their next meeting is on August 2nd in Austin. He also stated his desire to assist where he could with any efforts to assist small cities. Lauren Safranek made a motion to accept the 2007-2008 budgets as proposed and Don Byrne seconded. MOTION CARRIED

V. Approval of Slate of Nominees The group agreed the slate of candidates look good. Richard Hodapp asked a question about Don Byrne and what would happen if he were to be elected Secretary/Treasurer. George Mones responded that the person with the next highest number of votes for Trustee would be selected by the Board. Debbie Maynor made the motion to accept the slate of Nominees and Richard Hodapp seconded. MOTION CARRIED

VI. Committee Reports

A. Newsletter. Don Byrne reported that it remains a difficult task getting articles and that he is open to any suggestions. Debbie Maynor said she would write about the recent Nuts and Bolts training. There was discussion about assigning people to write on the different sessions of the southern regional conference.

B. Programs. Debbie Maynor said she was waiting on the survey results but the attendance to nuts and bolts was very good. She is working on the employment law agenda. There was discussion about providing training at the TML annual conference. Debbie suggested a session about what Council members/City Managers should know about meet and confer, employment law, etc. It was suggested that board orientation take place on Friday afternoon at September’s conference. Debbie Maynor made the motion to present a training session at TML and LaShon Ross seconded. MOTION CARRIED

C. Sponsorships. Gayle Sims reported that TMHRA did very well raising sponsorship money. She asked for direction on what to do with the partnerships after the southern regional conference. There was discussion about methods to keep strong the relationships with our sponsors.

D. President’s Ad Hoc Committees

1. Technology. Janie Mehrens reported things remaining largely the same. Richard Hodapp spoke of a list serve, wanted more information on how to better implement it, and what results we wished to see. He said he would take the lead and do some research and if okay with the group, implement the list serve.

2. TxPelra. George Mones said Charlie Shappard and Bettye Lynn have set a July 9 committee meeting to plan the next conference. He said Alison Froehlich-Smith has agreed to chair the committee with the assistance of Jim Parrish and others. Richard Hodapp said the NPELRA dates have changed for the meeting in Dallas from June 14-15 to June 13-14.

3. Legislative. Lauren Safranek said H.B. 1562 passed effective May 14, 2007, saying that anything below the level of Fire assistant chief is designated FLSA nonexempt.

VII. New/Old Business

A. Past Presidents Group. Janet Melançon explained the group and how they began getting together at the Mid-Year Conference each year. She stated that opportunities abound to tap into the wealth of knowledge of the group and to consider the possibility of establishing a tie between the Board the group.

B. Southern Regional Conference Update. Lonne Parent-Smith said we will have good attendance. She spoke of speaker changes, Thursday night transportation to the theater, door prizes, etc.

C. Salary Survey Feedback. Richard Hodapp reported that not many have volunteered for the committee and that everything he heard sounds like communication problems, not technical problems. Indicated a need for feedback in order to understand what is going on. John Philpott gave a history of the survey and the changes that have made to date and his continued desire to make the instrument/data something all users find acceptable.

D. Membership Review. George Mones led the discussion about the membership. About 53% of respondents have less than five years with TMHRA and that small cities make up the bulk of the membership but that membership is diversified with people with HR backgrounds and members with other primary responsibilities.

E. Other Business. Applicant membership information was handed out by LaShon Ross. She suggested some changes in the membership classifications and it was determined that the changes would be a change in the Constitution and would have to go to the membership for a vote. Will e-mail everyone for comments.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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Texas Municipal Human Resources Association (TMHRA/IPMA-HR)
Board Meeting
El Tropicano Hotel
San Antonio, Texas
February 6, 2007

Members Present:

George Mones, Laura Morrow, Melanie Caballero, Bonita Hall, Debbie Maynor, Don Byrne, Janie Mehrens, Gayle Sims, LaShon Ross, Richard Hodapp

Also Present:

Lonne Parent-Smith, Betty Bartley, Jim Parrish

I. Approval of October 27, 2006 Board Orientation Minutes, Business Meeting Minutes and Teleconference Minutes. Janie Mehrens made the motion to approve the minutes as amended. Dick Hodapp seconded. MOTION CARRIED

President’s Ad Hoc Committee Report. Jim Parrish reported to the Board on the current happenings within NPELRA, TxPELRA, etc. He discussed NPELRA academies and how two of the next three will be in Dallas with the third in Arizona. There was discussion about scholarship possibilities. Janie Mehrens made the motion to raise the amount given to NPELRA from TxPELRA from $500 to $750. Debbie Maynor seconded. MOTION CARRIED

II. New Member Applications. There was discussion about several applicants and their entry status. Judy Browder will be accepted as an Associate as would Rosalinda Hinojosa. All others are accepted as submitted. LaShon Ross was charged with the task of better defining the levels of membership. Laura Morrow made the motion to accept the list of applicants as amended. Janie Mehrens seconded. MOTION CARRIED

III Financial Report. Bonita Hall reported that the budget looks good. We continue to make money. George Mones asked Lonne Smith to explain what goes into the dues stabilization line item. Ms. Parent reported that dues stabilization is 25% of our operating expenses with 12.5% being fund balance and 12.5% being dues stabilization. Janie Mehrens made the motion to accept the financial statement and Gayle Sims seconded. MOTION CARRIED

IV. Committee Reports

A. Newsletter. Don Byrne indicated that it was changed from month listings to seasonal listings (fall, winter, etc.). He said the deadline for the next issue is February 5th but he will accept articles through Monday, the 12th. It was suggested he include an article on the committees established for the southern regional conference, as well as an article introducing new members.

B. Programs. Debbie Maynor handed out the final agenda for the Nuts and Bolts seminar. She asked for discussion about whether or not to have a program for the TML conference. The group discussed the membership survey and where to hold the employment law seminar.

C. President’s Ad Hoc Committees

1. Technology. Janie Mehrens asked about the status of list serve. Dick Hodapp said he will but together an article regarding list serve. Together, they will follow up with the group on the issue. Lonne Parent Smith discussed TML’s ability to provide a report on conference attendance for IPMA re-certificaiton.

2. TML Salary Survey. There remains the question of data reliability.

3. Sponsorship. Gayle Sims updated everyone on the sponsors. It is going well. Janie Mehrens made the motion to have TxPELRA sponsor at the Gold level ($3,000) for the southern regional conference. Don Byrne seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

4. Legislative. Gayle Sims reported that Phyllis Stadler (Richardson) had sent some material out but there has not been much on Chapter 143 statutes.

5. IPMA Committee. The group was given a rundown of the conference call concerning the combined membership issue

V. New/Old Business

A. Service Agreement. Lonne Parent Smith passed out the agreement between TMHRA and TML. There was discussion about several items. Gayle Sims made the motion to accept the service agreement. Laura Morrow seconded. MOTION CARRIED

B. County Job Posting Link. The discussion culminated in the idea that if the county qualifies and becomes an affiliate member, they may post the link to the website. Janie Mehrens made the motion and Dick Hodapp seconded to that effect. MOTION CARRIED

C. Job Description for Cities Under 15, 000. Lonne Parent Smith stated that John Philpott suggested this for smaller cities. Dick Hodapp said it would basically be another list serve. Janie Mehrens said that with $200, the cities could buy a copy of Descriptions Now. Ms. Smith said she would get with Mr. Philpott about the specifics to his idea. Also suggested something be placed in the newsletter to get information from the cities as to their wants and needs.

D. Nominating Committee. Laura Morrow asked about the number of executive board members that could serve on the committee. Melanie Cabarello clarified as to the make-up of the committee. The group was asked to let Ms. Morrow know of any potential members as soon as possible.

E. IPMA Southern Regional Conference Update. LaShon Ross confirmed the agenda items and indicated she would get the final draft to Lonne Parent Smith so it may be sent out via email and conventional mail.

F. Membership Categories. LaShon Ross will work on assessing the levels of membership and report back to the board.

G. Other Business. There was discussion about hotel accommodations for the employment law conference. It has been narrowed to the Double Tree and the Wyndham Garden at the Galleria. Appointments will be made to tour the facilities soon.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

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Board Meeting via Teleconference
January 10, 2007

Members Present:
George Mones
Melanie Caballero
Debbie Maynor
Bonita Hall
Don Byrne
Richard Hodapp
Janie Mehrens
Lauren Safranek
Gayle Sims
Laura Morrow

Also Present:
Barry Robinson
Charlie Shaphard
Lonne Parent

I. Discuss Vacancy on the Board.
George Mones stated that Ida Villegas (Rivera) had resigned her position on the TMHRA Board. There was discussion about the next person on the list based on the elections numbers. There was also discussion about who would serve the unexpired term of Ida Villegas. The group spoke of those TMHRA members who were always willing to step and lend a hand when necessary. Ms. Safranek made a motion to select La Shon Ross to fill Ms. Villegas’ unexpired term. Bonita Hall seconded the motion. MOTION PASSED. Charlie Shapard wanted bring to the Board’s attention Miguel Azuna of Cedar Park. He has been extremely helpful and wanted him to be considered for the future.

II. Sponsorship Brochure.
The Board discussed the status of the sponsorship brochure. Lonne Smith said it would be sent out tomorrow (January 11th) via Fed Ex. Mr. Mones stated that it looked great and that we were having a first class event. He went on to thank Lonne Smith, Gayle Sims and Melanie Caballero. Mr. Mones asked how many sponsors will receive the brochure. Ms. Sims stated 70 plus which included current and potential sponsors. The question was asked about whether Holmes and Murphy would sponsor the hospitality suite. Ms. Sims was not sure but would check with them to firm up their commitment.

III. President’s Reception.
The Board next discussed the President’s reception during the regional conference. Ms. Caballero indicated that at other regional conferences, it is usually come and go type event with background music. There was discussion about the possibility of forming an entertainment committee. Mr. Mones asked what committees already existed. Barry Robinson stated the volunteer committee would consist largely of past presidents of TMHRA. Carolyn Cox, HR Director for the City of Galveston was suggested to assist since the conference is being held in her City. She may be able to provide local contacts for entertainment and the like. Laura Morrow also wished to assist with the entertainment committee. Mr. Robinson asked if cities wanted to bring anything for the gifts and door prizes to be given away during the conference. It was decided that some work was needed on the reception.

IV. Convention and Visitors Bureau.
After some discussion the Board decided that this would be deferred to the hospitality committee. They will ask businesses to remain open longer along the strand. Ms. Smith agreed to make the contact for this request.

V. Rate for TMHRA Members. The Board is leery about making a final decision until it knew level of sponsor participation. We would try to firm up the agenda by the end of this week and Ms. Smith would get the publicity disseminated by the first week of February. There was much discussion about the actual rate for TMHRA members, the number of rooms set aside for the conference, etc. Ms. Safranek suggested $195 for TMHRA members that would go up to $250 with late registration. Ms. Morrow seconded. MOTION PASSED

VI. Program.
There was brief discussion about the conference’s program. Ms. Safranek and Ms. Caballero led the discussion concerning scheduling issues, amending the times on the first day of the conference and what to do about long-winded speakers. Ms. Caballero discussed last year’s opening ceremonies and how they were longer than usual and there time would need to be adjusted for them.

VII. Handouts.
The board discussed the handouts that are made available to conference participants. Ms. Caballero stated the binder used last year was too bulky and that members preferred something smaller. There was discussion about having the materials on the website or having loose copies for those who want hard copies.

There was further discussion on the shirts both for the Board and for the conference. Ms. Hall indicated that she still needed the sizes of the board members. Mr. Robinson stated he would ask the past presidents’ group about volunteering. Ms. Smith indicated she would ask about some prices for shirts.

Mr. Mones asked about the golf tournament. It was said that Scott Snider had everything set up and confirmed and that he wanted to touch base with IPMA-HR to make sure all bases were covered.

Mr. Mones stated he would speak with Ms. Ross about the Board seat and Ms. Caballero said she would speak with Ms House about the hospitality end.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.

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