Committee Co-Chairs: LaShon Gros, Christi Klyn

Committee Description: Coordinates, solicits, selects and prepares presentation for annual recipients of TMHRA awards.

Composition of Committee: In addition to board members, this committee is comprised of TMHRA members who do not have an individual or group from their City nominated for an award.


Committee Chair: Kathy Shields
Members: Larissa Rodriguez

Committee Description:  The membership development committee promotes member growth and retention, submits new memberships to Board for approval and validates member category submitted; plans new member activities at Annual conference, greets and recognizes new members at events and  develops programs to engage and connect new/existing  members to resources.

Composition of Committee: Since this committee has monthly responsibilities, it can be labor intensive and can be beneficial to have multiple members.


Committee Co-Chairs: Holly Guidry, Veronica Sanchez

Committee Description:  The membership engagement committee is responsible for engagement and involvement of membership, promotes association participation and develops interest in future board service.   This committee is responsible for providing resources to regional round tables and assisting with the development of new regional round tables. This committee is also responsible for engaging the membership through social media, and other avenues of communication regarding TMHRA events including communications through the app during conferences.

Composition of Committee: Ideally, the committee is comprised of multiple board members and Regional Round Table liaisons.


Committee Chair: Cat Schlueter Jeriana Staton

Committee Description: The programs committee plans all conferences by developing conference agendas, securing speakers, coordinating speaker sessions and works diligently at conferences to ensure the conference is running smoothly.

Current Conferences: Labor Relations/Civil Service, Annual, Building Blocks

Composition of Committee: Board Appointed Chair/Co-Chair; Committee comprised of interested members. Chair appointment at TMHRA President’s discretion annually; based upon demonstrated ability to commit time, resources, and energy as well as ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with programming committee participants and meet deadlines.  Heavy time commitment and energy is required.


Committee Chair: Andre Houser


Committee Description:  The nomination committee develops a diverse slate of candidates for board nominations annually and presents the slate at the TMHRA annual conference.  (1 nominee for Secretary-Treasurer and minimum of 2 nominees per open board position, including the incumbent).

Composition of Committee: The nomination committee is comprised of no more than 5 members (at least 2 (max 3) from the TMHRA board who are not up for re-election and the remainder of committees from membership).


Committee Chair: Larissa Rodriguez

Committee Description:  The sponsorships committee promotes TMHRA to secure current and new sponsors form businesses which offer services benefiting membership.  The sponsors help offset cost.  The goal is to always increase sponsorship from the year before.  Committee members send letters, track sponsors,  communicate with sponsors on all details of conferences and events.  Committee chair encourages board members and members to engage with sponsors at events and works with the communications committee to make sure sponsors are properly promoted.

Composition of Committee:  The committee chair is a board.


Committee Chair:  Andre Houser

Committee Description: The legislative committee provides updates to the board on proposed legislation relevant to HR and identifies key legislative issues specific to membership and tracks legislation throughout the year.  2021 is the next legislative year.

Composition of Committee: Generally, this committee only requires 1 or 2 board members.


Committee Chair: Paula Kutchka
Members: Executive Board

Committee Description: Responsible for establishing a repository of historical organizational documents, formalizing processes and procedures, establishing a pass down process, and leading branding initiative.

Composition of Committee:  Typically, requires only the committee chair, and the entirety of the TMHRA Executive Board.


Lisa Norris

TMHRA has one seat on the TML Board; this is a two-year term with a limit of two consecutive terms. The TML Board Representative from TMHRA shall be filled by election by a member who has successfully served a minimum of two years on the TMHRA Board of Trustees and is an active member of TMHRA in good standing. TMHRA’s representative to the TML Board does not assume his/her position until after TML’s Annual Conference in even-numbered years.


Cheree Bontrager

The TMRS (Texas Municipal Retirement System) Advisory Committee Representative for the TMHRA Board is appointed by the TMHRA President and approved by the Executive Board.   Members of the TMRS Advisory Committee on Retirement Matters are appointed by the TMRS Board of Trustees and serves at the pleasure of the Board. The TMRS Advisory Committee provides valuable assistance to the Board in considering benefit changes and improvements to the System, and acts as a voice for member, retiree, and city issues. Meetings of the Advisory Committee are held subject to the call of the TMRS Board Chair.

Other Committees
Other committees will be established by the President, as the need arises.