Wednesday, May 3

8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Registration
8:00–8:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast
TMHRA President, Wendy Standorf, Director of Human Resources, City of West University Place

Leadership Lessons from H-o-l-l-y-w-o-o-d!

Award-winning author and leadership expert Andy Masters creatively uses the magical imagery of Hollywood to help public human resources leaders develop and empower their organizations, while defeating succession planning crisis, in this challenging era of having to do more with less. That’s right, learn and be entertained from actual license-protected scenes from movies such as The Devil Wears PradaThe Iron LadyApollo 13, and even Frozen, and Star Wars!  This unique program also cites the latest research from Harvard Business Review, Deloitte, and Glassdoor to provoke real change in your organization.  Powerful leadership principles are based on Andy’s latest book Things LEADERS Say: A Daily Guide to Help Every Leader Empower & Inspire. Andy’s interactive program will provide a memorable multi-media experience, and immediate take-home action items to help you develop millennials and future leaders in today’s new economy.

This session is pre-certified by HRCI and SHRM. (HRCI 1.0 Bus Mgmt Credit Program ID: 289136; SHRM-SCP 1.0 PDC’s Activity ID: #16-SASKG)

Andy Masters, MA, CSP, President, Masters Performance Improvement, LLC

10:00–10:15 a.m. Break

Alright, Alright, Alright. Drug-Free Workplaces in an Increasingly Tolerant (and Stoned) Society

A growing number of “fair-chance hiring” ordinances around the country are requiring employers to ignore criminal offenses that do not directly relate to the duties of the position for which an individual is being considered, leaving employers to wonder how relevant even recent convictions for marijuana possession will be considered if challenged. In this presentation, Mike will review employers’ legal, scientific, and practical landscape in regards to marijuana, opioids, and other drugs.

Mike Coffey, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, President, Imperative Information Group

Value Based Benefit: Rising Health Plan Costs, Reduced Benefits, Failed Strategies…What Do You Do Now?

This informative session will discuss:

  • The historical failures and prevalent misconceptions of effective health plan cost management
  • A counterintuitive viewpoint of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Why pharmacy can be your health plan’s best friend and worst enemy
  • The only kind of wellness program that works and why it has nothing to do with wellness
  • How to structure your plan to increase the value of employee benefits and reduce costs

Dave Ross, Executive Vice President, Director of Underwriting Services, Hays Companies of Texas

Finance for Human Resources Professionals

Do numbers make your head spin?  Become a better-rounded HR professional by building on your understanding of finance.  This session will help you to learn and understand financial data and key concepts and terms. We will also look at creating value through making sound financial decisions and how knowing numbers can help HR build a better business case for their initiatives.

Clifford Blackwell IIIDirector of Administrative Services, City of Bedford and GFOAT President

11:45 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Lunch Provided

Avoiding Common Wage and Hour Mistakes and Making Sure to Correctly Classify Exempt Employees

Stay in compliance in 2017—wage and hour laws can be difficult to navigate and substantial financial consequences await employers who make mistakes. This presentation will focus primarily on steps employers can take to ensure wage compliance with their employees and how to determine which employees are exempt overtime/compensatory time. In the aftermath of the Department of Labor’s attempted rules change in 2016 and subsequent legal challenge, the presentation will help employers understand what is required of them and what they can expect going forward.

Daniel N. Ramirez, Partner, Monty & Ramirez, LLP, Attorneys At Law

A Look at Workers’ Compensation Hot Topics: Past Updates, Present Legislation, and Future Impacts

In this session, Mike Bratcher will cover a variety of current legislative proposals regarding workers’ compensation and how these items could potentially impact the future of cities and employees. He will also provide a current update on the status of presumption claims for firefighters, which continues to be a pressing issue for cities. Other items covered in this session include secondary employment for police officers and other city employees, and an overview of the definition of a common-law spouse and how it impacts the field of workers’ compensation.

Mike Bratcher, Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager, Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool

Grow Garland: Employee Engagement and Recognition Initiative—TMHRA’s Innovation Award Winner 2016

In 2014, the City of Garland established a true paradigm shift approach to employee engagement, which began at the senior level and filtered throughout the organization by re-establishing its mission, vision, and value statements (Guiding Principles/Grow Garland), as well as placing an emphasis on rewards and recognition.  The City was recognized by TMHRA for this initiative in 2016 when it  received a TMHRA Innovations Award. This session will focus on the City’s creative communication and employee recognition efforts through initiatives such as #Kudos, shout outs, and quarterly awards, which culminate with the annual Spirit of Garland Awards. Participants will walk away with an understanding of the Garland program how to implement it in their city.

Craig Barnes, IPMA-SCP, Workforce Engagement & Outreach Administrator, City of Garland

2:15–2:30 p.m. Break

An Update on Sexual Orientation and Transgender Discrimination: Trends, New Laws, and Claim Avoidance

The most sizzling of hot topics, the area of sexual orientation and transgender discrimination, is currently in flux. This session will discuss the recent trends on the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) position on Title VII coverage of these claims and whether the new administration will send them in a different direction. We will discuss the “bathroom issue” and any discrepancies between state and federal law for public-sector employers. We will review the latest court cases on LGBT discrimination under the sexual stereotyping theory, harassment, and failure to accommodate, including use of chosen pronouns and first names. Finally, we will look at what management can do to head off these claims in the workplace, while juggling the strong opinions of those on all sides of the issue.

Sheila Gladstone, Principal, Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend, P.C.

TMRS Update

Pension systems are in the news almost weekly. The Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) really is different from most of the systems you read about in the press. Employees, citizens, and councils have questions.  Can you effectively answer them? This session will provide an overview of how TMRS works and how your city’s pensions are managed so that you can better answer the pension questions that come your way as a human resources professional.

David Gavia, Executive Director, Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) and Jim Parrish, Chairman of the Board, Texas Municipal Retirement System  and Deputy City manager, City of Plano

Cultivating Leadership in an Organization

Cultivating leadership in an organization involves developing people. A good leader understands the strengths and weaknesses of followers and finds opportunities to leverage those strengths. Dr. Holsenbeck explains best practices for leaders to become mentors and catalysts for change in order to gain loyalty and increase efficiency.

Mary Holsenbeck, MSSW, LMSW, CPC, Ed.D.


Employer Branding and Recruitment in the Age of Social Media

Today everybody tweets, likes, shares, and, of course, is searching for new careers! Chances are a future employee is looking for a career on his or her Twitter or Facebook feed right now, but will never think to visit your employment page. Government employers must now promote their vacancies on social media, as well as market their “employer brand” to a new generation of millennial job-seekers. Going about this task is not a simple feat. You must have the insights of an advertising maven, and juggle the day-to-day responses required in the world of social media. As a leading job board and career center in state and local government, Careers In Government now reaches more than 15 million users per month on its vast social media channels, using the latest strategies and tools in the marketplace. This presentation will highlight strategies, success stories, and tactics that government employers can take advantage of to find the most qualified candidates.

Michael Hurwitz, President, Careers In Government

Preparing for a Workers’ Compensation Hearing

Disputes are inevitable in workers’ compensation claims, and it is important to understand and adequately prepare for the hearing process in order to maximize your prospects of prevailing. In this session, Ricky Green will emphasize the practical steps you can take to succeed at workers’ compensation hearings. This session is pre-certified by the Texas Department of Insurance for continuing education unit credits.

Ricky D. Green, Attorney, Ricky D. Green Law Firm

Disrupt Your On-boarding: What Your New Hires Expect

Your new talent is seeking, expecting, and needing more from their first weeks on the job. This session will help you identify what’s working and what’s not, and will help you integrate the newest and best on-boarding practices. You will learn strategies for using social media, coaching, and web-based tools like online surveys and web portals to refresh your on-boarding experience and make it scalable. During this interactive discussion, we will share best-practice metrics and case studies that demonstrate how technology enables human resources leaders to track progress, identify trends, and address on-boarding challenges.

Brenda Hampel, Partner, Connect the Dots Consulting, Dublin, Ohio

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