2013 Nuts and Bolts Pearland Handouts

Nuts and Bolts CEU form


Health Care Reform: Are You Ready?
This session will provide a summary overview of health care reform, requirements for 2014 and beyond, and a checklist of items to ensure your organization is compliant moving forward to meet deadlines, notices, and fee requirements.
(Morgan Young bio, grandfathered handout, preventive handout, powerpoint)


Oh! The Tangled Web We Weave: Managing Employee Leave (ADA, FMLA)
Managing employee leave can be complicated and cumbersome when the leave falls into several legal categories that overlap one another. Speakers will guide you through successful management of those claims to ensure you are compliant with all the laws that could be impacted.
(Brian Begle bio, handout, powerpoint)


Compensation: Management and Maintenance of Pay Systems in Challenging Times
This session will discuss tips and best practices for aligning your compensation strategy with your business needs during these challenging times as we recover from the recession.
(Matt Weatherly bio, handout)


Lunch (provided)


Employee Investigations: Best Practices
Investigations can be a nightmare, but this unique session will explore the intricacies of conducting them. Processes and techniques to help conduct a fair and credible investigation will be explained.
(Susan Bickley, handout)


To Pay or Not To Pay…That Is the Question: FLSA in the Public Sector
This session will walk you through the basics of FLSA in the public sector—ensuring your policies, practices, and postings are compliant—as well as problematic areas most often faced by entities.